Will Dickson

Chief Commercial Officer

Will Dickson

Will leads strategy planning, execution, and develops relationships with commercial customers.

His previous roles have cut across diverse sectors including education, engineering, automotive product development, corporate innovation, defense acquisition, the Pentagon, US startup hubs like Boston and Silicon Valley, and startup leadership.

Early in his career, Will served on the program engineering management team for General Motors' flagship trucks, notably the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra. This opportunity gave him a deep understanding of large-scale product development, revealing the intricate workings of an $8B+ product program. Always proactive, Will led General Motors' recruitment and outreach efforts at MIT. His dedication resulted in the creation of a unique role aimed at fostering open innovation in the Cambridge, MA ecosystem, with Will being the solitary GM product development representative in Boston.

One of Will's standout achievements at GM was conceptualizing a 'hackathon' for MIT students centered on Cadillac software. After securing a remarkable $150k backing from senior leadership, the team turned a Cadillac XTS into a video game controller for Rocket League.

Transitioning to FedTech, Will was pivotal in shaping the structure and ideation for their deep tech accelerator programs. Collaborating with powerhouses like the U.S. Army’s xTechSearch, BAE Systems, Oak Ridge National Labs, and others, he transformed a nascent pilot program into a multi-million-dollar services portfolio at FedTech. Throughout this journey, Will not only coached a plethora of startups but also navigated the challenges and rewards of leading a burgeoning team.

Above all, what he cherishes the most is the team he built. Starting his journey as a lone contributor, Will's leadership culminated in a robust team of fifteen dedicated individuals. Discovering and nurturing passionate individuals, all committed to launching deep tech into the broader market, was a career highlight.

In recognition of his expertise, Will was selected for an advisory council in Cambridge, MA, tasked with reimagining the future of mobility. Outside of his corporate roles, his commitment to community engagement is evident. He coached high school robotics in Detroit, plays basketball at MIT, and offers mentorship to budding startups in his leisure.

Will grew up in Texas and has moved extensively as part of his career to live in communities like Boston, MA; Berkeley, CA; SE Michigan; and Arlington, VA. Will holds degrees in Materials Science and Engineering from MIT (B.S.) and the University of California, Berkeley (M.Eng).