Manufacturing Humanity's Ascent

Igniting innovation for extreme missions

Canopy builds technology at the intersection of manufacturing, materials, and software to drive mankind’s journey beyond the stars.


At Canopy, we believe that extreme missions are the catalysts that move humanity forward.

A technical drawing of a space shuttle


Our Firm Belief

Extreme missions are the very forge that hammers progress. We craft certainty for those who dare to reach beyond.

The Defense Industrial Base (DIB) is central to ensuring that the US is equipped with the best technology, yet it grapples with significant challenges particularly in manufacturing and materials. Global supply chain vulnerabilities, especially in the acquisition of essential materials and components, risk production disruptions and compromises in equipment integrity. As technological advancements surge, there's an urgent need to modernize manufacturing techniques and infrastructure to stay at the forefront. The race for new, advanced materials requires a consistent and skilled workforce, which the US struggles to maintain. Addressing these manufacturing and material-related challenges is vital for maintaining our defense apparatus's technological edge and resilience.

Core Focus Areas

01 Advanced Manufacturing

Canopy challenges legacy manufacturing technologies that were once state-of-the-art, re-defining industrial processes critical to the next generation of humanity.

02 High-Temperature Materials

We specialize in the development of advanced materials to improve mission capabilities in the most challenging environments.

Material being tested for high temperatures

03 Software

We infuse software into our manufacturing processes for design optimization, efficiency, and rapid production of the most critical components needed today.

2D drawings on design software


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