A photo of the canopy team in the woods.


Be part of a declaration to re-define the paradigms of industrialism, ushering in an era of sustainable, efficient, and technologically advanced manufacturing for the next frontier of humanity.

Design and implement the digital solutions and infrastructures that define the future of manufacturing.

Our Core Values

Extreme Ownership

We seize accountability and don’t avoid it, taking responsibility for our outcomes in both successes and failures to foster accountability and growth.

Urgency and Focus

We tackle objectives with fervor and boldness like the human race depends on it.

Rigorous and Thoughtful Inquiry

We care about being right and it often takes reasoning from first principles thinking to get there. We approach every problem with a keen sense of curiosity, skepticism, and questioning to ensure that every decision is well-informed and deliberate.

Trust and Amplify

We place faith in our team members, ensuring that we empower and give voice to their insights, expertise, and contributions.

Truthful and Transparent

We uphold a commitment to transparency and honesty, creating a culture where clarity and integrity strengthens our bonds.


We maintain a positive outlook and face adversity with resilience, determination, and an unwavering belief in our ability to overcome any challenge that comes our way.

Understanding the Why

We seek to grasp the underlying purpose and motivation beyond the surface of every task and decision, ensuring that our actions align with our deeper objectives and values to drive meaningful impact.


We lead with conviction, serve with compassion, and uphold the values that define our purpose.

Open Positions

There are currently no positions available.


What Benefits does Canopy Aerospace offer?

Time Off
Unlimited PTO and off all U.S. holidays

Full health benefits
100% Comprehensive medical, vision, and dental coverage for employee and family to include an FSA with company contribution

Stock options
Own what you build with employee equity

Relocation assistance
Reimbursement and assistance to work in Denver, CO.

Life insurance
Security for yourself and your loved ones

Paid parental leave
Time off when you grow the family

Professional education and Health & Wellness stipend

What’s the hiring process?

Canopy will reach out if your application matches our desired qualifications. From there, we’ll have an initial screener, 1:1 interviews with managers or team members, and an in-person panel interview. We take a collaborative approach to ensure this is a mutual fit for you and the team.

What if there are no open roles that fit my background?

We are always looking for people with great talent that aligns with our core values and mission. If there is not a current opening that meets your desires or qualifications, please reach out to us at jobs@canopyaerospace.com.