Matthew Gresh

Advanced Manufacturing Engineer

Matthew Gresh

Matthew is an advanced manufacturing engineer supporting Canopy’s factory setup and production initiation. He designs, operates, and executes all of Canopy’s manufacturing equipment.

At Baylor, Matthew worked on non-destructive testing (NDT) of CFRP composites and additive manufacturing. On the NDT side, he worked with characterizing internal defects and porosity within carbon fiber and fiberglass components. This also included inducing defects and crack initiation and propagation to find the capable edge of current immersive ultrasonic inspection.

On the additive side, the scope of work included producing polymer and metal components. Research was done on shrinkage and dimensionality of metal components after debinding and sintering stages. Similarly, he performed UT scans on the components looking for raster orientation and internal defects of FDM parts.

Matthew attended Baylor University for mechanical engineering. His experiences include materials science undergraduate research at Baylor, multiple M.E. internships with Kiewit, internship at Colorado Serum Company in manufacturing, and various extracurricular engineering clubs and activities.